From 3.765€ Net of Tax.
Rental from 69€ Net of Tax per month - Contract of 60 months and 500 hours max per year.

Essential equipment for moving loads over short distances, Crown WP 3010 electric powered pallet truck is a “little bundle of nerves”.

  • Compact
    Its 720 mm wide frame makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces (stores, storerooms, etc.).
    Its small turning radius makes it possible to store a EURO pallet in an aisle less than 2,000 mm wide.
  • Ergonomic
    The controls on the tiller arm can be used with both the right and the left hand. The "hare/turtle" switch allows you to change performance in 1 second depending, for example, on the load being carried or the working environment.
  • Safe
    Its long tiller arm keeps a sufficient distance between the operator and the pallet truck when moving.
    The automatic parking brake with ramp hold prevents any unintentional movement of the powered pallet truck.
  • Durable
    All the covers are made of steel and thus protect the electronic components which can be expensive to replace.
    One-piece, high-strength steel forks will not suffer from impact or deformation..
  • Efficient
    The 5 load-bearing points (drive wheel, stabilizer wheels and load wheels) provide huge stability, even on unloading docks.

Technical characteristics


Capacity (kg) 1.600
Weight, without load / with battery (kg) 438
Wheels Vulkollan + Polyurethane
Number of wheels, drive side(x)/load 1x + 2/2
Fork dimensions (length,width) (mm) 1150x540
Overall width (mm) 720
Overall length (mm) 1.650
Speed travel-with/without load (km/h) 6/6
Gradeability-with/without load (%) 10/25
Battery voltage/capacity (V/Ah) 24/150
Integrated Charger (A) 30