Four fundamental values underpinning our action and guiding that of our partners

For more than 70 years, Aprolis has been committed to its clients and has adjusted by making the necessary human and material investments to satisfy their needs, in France and abroad.
Supported and shared by all Monnoyeur companies, our values underline our concern for excellence and our daily commitment to our clients.


Le respect

Our relationships are based on Respect and built to last, with cooperators, customers and partners alike.
The spin-off of this is recognition of the human and intellectual value of our cooperators, an inclusive working environment which encourages discussion and readiness to listen to our employees.
The honesty and transparency of our information, and the commitment of our people, of whom we are proud, are the basis of the trust that our customers place in us.

Entrepreneurial spirit

L'esprit d'entreprendre

Underlying our development there is a will to undertake and innovate, a valuable source of internal creativity developing a taste for challenge and encouraging our staff to take initiatives.
A powerful driver of our growth and results over the long term, it has enabled Aprolis to become a partner our customers can count on.


Le courage

To boost every member of the staff in their commitment and readiness to take the necessary actions to support our customers in their markets, all of Aprolis's cooperators need enthusiasm and energy to take on challenges and strive for excellence in customer relations and team management.


La convivialité

Efficient social dynamism and well-being is naturally generated by the traditional capacity of the Group to draw on its collective intelligence, promote a spirit of mutual help, share knowledge, and enjoy every key moment together.