Aprolis certified by CEFRI

Created in 1990 by professionals in the nuclear industry, the CEFRI certificate attests that in order to protect the health and safety of its employees, Aprolis develops and implements procedures to assess risks and the skills needed in terms of radiation protection.


Certification No. 1198 E

The French Committee for the Certification of Companies for the Training and Monitoring of Personnel Working in Ionising Radiation Environments (CEFRI) has certified Aprolis for its radiation protection management system.

CEFRI recognises through the type "E" certificate that Aprolis has the capacity to carry out work in ionising radiation environments and meets the applicable regulatory requirements.

This recognition is based on the evaluation of the organisational arrangements put in place to ensure compliance at all times with the requirements of the CEFRI "E" specification and more particularly with medical and dosimetric monitoring, as well as the training of categorised personnel.

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