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Charlatte - A full range built up on industrial experience developed since 1982

Charlatte Manutention is one of the world’s first manufacturers of industrial and airport handling systems, designing and building tractors ranging from 6 to 30 tonnes, constantly consolidating its knowhow.

Charlatte equipment is available for sale or rental, combined with the rental and after sale support solutions offered by Aprolis to establish a complete offer that fulfils the most demanding criteria of our clients.

A wide range of electric and ICE tractors


The Charlatte tractor range consists of 6 electric models with capacities ranging from 6 to 30 tonnes and 2 ICE models of between 20 and 30 tonnes, designed for industry and airport use.

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Charlatte TE206

Electric - 6 and 7 tonnes

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Charlatte TE206 NEO

Electric - 6 and 7 tonnes

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Charlatte TE208

Electric - 8 and 10 tonnes

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Charlatte T135 EVO

Electric - 20, 25 and 30 tonnes

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Charlatte TE225L

Electric - 25 and 30 tonnes

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Charlatte TE425

Electric - 20 tonnes

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Charlatte TD225

Diesel - 20, 25 and 30 tonnes

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Charlatte TG225

LPG - 20, 25 and 30 tonnes

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Baggage conveyors

Convoyeurs bagages

This range of baggage conveyor trucks was designed to enable operators to efficiently and comfortably load and unload baggage holds, while complying with safety standards and addressing the requirements of our clients.
Charlatte baggage conveyor trucks are available with several types of guardrails, the SCOUT anticollision system, an on-board charger and a cab.

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Charlatte CBL150E
Electric - 6m boom

Charlatte CBL2000E
Electric 7.5, 8 or 9 m boom

SCOUT - Système anticollision

Safety: a new technology for Ground Service Equipment (GSE).

AIRCRAFT equipment manufacturers are required to constantly improve the design of their equipment in an effort to achieve the goal of eliminating any potential damage to an aircraft by the ground service equipment.
Extract from the IATA AHM 910-914

This safety system is designed to assist the driver during approach manoeuvres with luggage conveyor trucks and thus improve the safety of the operations. SCOUT is not an automatic approach system but assists the driver without attempting to replace his experience or his knowledge.

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An exclusively electric range of baggage carriers


Charlatte Manutention designs and manufactures a full range of electric baggage carriers that fully meets the specific needs of airports.

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Charlatte PE150
Electric - Bed 1521kg

Charlatte PE200
Electric - Bed 2000kg

Charlatte P2000E
Electric - Bed 2000kg

Charlatte PE2300
Electric - Bed 2300kg