Main applications of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles)

With a wide range of automatic trucks in the catalogue, the Aprolis AGV Department has everything you need for your handling automation projects.


From transporting goods between different areas to vertical storage, automatic trucks or mobile robots are used in many applications in the various sectors of industry, logistics, and distribution, helping to improve productivity and make savings.


Prise dépose sur convoyeur


Pick-up/deposit on conveyor
With this application, where goods are transported on conveyors between production process stations, AGV trucks provide logistics at strategic points, contributing to improved safety and better product traceability.
Préparation de commandes


Order picking
Moving goods to a new picking location and transporting made-up orders to the assembly lines, packing or shipping areas can be carried out by robots. With AGVs integrated into the order picking process, operators can be reassigned to high value-added tasks.
Stockage de masse


Mass storage
Mass storage is used in shipping areas for intermediate storage during production, or in goods receiving sectors. Pallets are stored in line on the floor and can also be stacked.
Rayonnage par accumulation pour palettes


Drive-in pallet racking
This is the ideal application for storing large numbers of pallets in areas where storage space is at a premium. Using AGVs improves logistic efficiency, optimises safety conditions and reduces breakages.
Rayonnage dynamique – rack de stockage gravitaire


Dynamic Drive-in racking - Gravity storage rack
High efficiency logistical operations use dynamic drive-in racking together with AGVs. AGVs can be used for intermediate storage management during production, and in shipping areas. There are wide-ranging applications.
Rayonnage à palettes


Pallet racking
AGV trucks are an excellent solution for storage in pallet racks. Our AGVs work well alongside traditional forklift trucks.
Réapprovisionnement de la pile de palettes


Pallet stack refilling
AGVs can be used to refill pallet stacks or pallets by the unit in production zones. By automating empty pallet procurement, staff save valuable time that they can devote to more demanding tasks.
Stockage en allée étroite (VNA)


Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) storage
AGVs have the precision it takes to boost substantially the profitability of warehouses and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) storage areas.
Stockage de masse de bobine


Mass storage of reels & prone reel storage
Our AGVs are at the cutting edge of the technology for logistics, vertical mass storage or prone storage of reels in the paper, packaging and textile industries and in every application requiring reel handling.