Our customer service DNA put together for over 70 years

The mission of our 540 technicians is to enable our customers to benefit from the highest availability levels for their equipment while respecting the safety of your employees.

Our assets

Our planning centres quickly get to work on your case
  • The technician's schedule and work is planned
  • Parts ordered by 5 p.m. the day before are delivered the next day
Continuous training central to all we do
  • Authorisations
  • A digital asset
Digital technology is another tool in our technicians' toolkit
Digital technology is another tool in our technicians' toolkit
  • IT helps every technician with diagnostics and part identification.
  • All information about servicing actions is recorded on our technicians' connected tablets and is immediately fed back into our systems.
  • The worksheet is digital and the customer signs it off electronically on the connected tablet.
  • The customer receives the signed work order by e-mail after each job.

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Guarantee the optimal availability of your equipment
1. Guarantee the optimal availability of your equipment

Benefit from monitoring by our experts, anticipate preventive maintenance for the highest equipment availability.

Our equipment is designed for intensive use. Parts subject to wear and tear, such as forks, tyres, lifting chains or batteries will need to be replaced. The rate at which they are replaced will depend on the use to which you put your equipment. Aprolis is committed to guaranteeing you the highest possible availability.
Our experts are ready to help you with any maintenance operations, repairs and the assembly of any additional accessories.

Equipment breakage - Reacting & Preventing
2. Equipment breakage - Reacting & Preventing

Leaving your trucks immobile is expensive, so it is important to be able to get them going again in compliance with safety regulations.

The economic consequences of breakage are a dead weight on your business. Your forklift truck is damaged, and often your building infrastructure and racking is too, as well as your goods.
Take advantage of our expert knowledge
- Detailed no-obligation repair quote
- Total respect for the safety of the equipment put back into service
- Preservation of your assets - no loss in value of the repaired asset
Our prevention advice
- Proposal for the installation of additional safety signage
- Proposal for a driving licence management system
- Proposal for an impact detection system

Your business is changing and so are your forklift trucks
3. Your business is changing and so are your forklift trucks

New markets require you to review your handling processes and your safety standards also change. We can help you to modify the configuration of your forklift trucks to suit.

It is not unusual to have to change the configuration of a truck and its original capabilities to meet new requirements, either because new markets call for different logistics, or because safety criteria have changed to meet new demands.
Aprolis helps you to optimise the use of your equipment to meet your new challenges.
Our after-sales support experts will advise you on how to set up your equipment according to your needs.