Accurate, reliable and flexible navigation systems for our automated trucks

Various navigation technologies are used for the localising and navigation of our automated trucks within your infrastructures.


Navigation technologies


Navigation by magnetic strip
The AGV reads a magnetic strip laid on the floor using an antenna.


Optical navigation
By means of an on-board camera, the AGV reads a painted line marking the routes.


Laser navigation
Reflectors placed at strategic points around the factory or warehouse ensure that wherever the AGV may be located on its route, it can detect three laser beam reflections emitted by its navigation module. In this way, the AGV is capable of determining its position with extreme precision. This technology is used on 50% of the projects.


QR code navigation
Using an on-board camera, the AGV reads QR codes laid out on the floor as a matrix, identifying both its location and the instructions to be followed.


Natural navigation
The system analyses the environment to generate maps and virtual routes.
As it moves along, the autonomous truck compares the environment around it with the map integrated into its navigation module.
The autonomous truck locates itself in real time, and knows its exact position.


Guidance by magnets
Magnets inserted into the floor at regular intervals enable the AGV to correct its path by means of its odometric sensors. This technology is used for high rack storage.


Wire guidance (guidance by carrier current)
The automated truck moves along a wire buried in the ground and carrying an electromagnetic signal to guide it.


Combined navigation
This is a combination of different navigation systems, and the AGV switches from one mode to another depending on where it is in the network.