Carer has a range covering product segments that are left out by most of the world's manufacturers. It offers a range of high-performance electric heavy-duty forklift trucks designed to meet the needs of every customer, whatever the activity sector.

Carer's "SPED" (Special Products Department Equipment) can study, design and manufacture special machines to meet specific handling requirements.

R45-160H2/H electric forklift truck

The R 45-160H2 was developed and designed for handling goods in demanding applications both indoors and outdoors making it ideal to withstand heavy use and high performance.

With an optimal balance between productivity and energy consumption, it ensures low operating costs whatever the application.

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F60-100HD2/H electric forklift truck

Carer designed the F60-100HD2 (Heavy Duty) range for intensive applications.

Capable of working for long uninterrupted times with very high performance, the F60-100HD2 forklift truck range can be thought of as the "electric" answer to handling tasks previously performed by ICE forklift trucks.

Developed from the Heavy Duty (HD) version project, the H series electric forklift trucks are ideal for handling heavy goods in every application area in the single-motor version.

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Z60-160H electric forklift truck

The trucks in the Z60-160H series have been designed to ensure high performance, long working uninterrupted working times and low operating costs.

These trucks are extremely compact with a small turning radius, allowing them to manoeuvre in tight spaces without sacrificing performance.

They are reliable and ergonomic and can also be customised and adapted to any working conditions and applications, to cope with the most demanding tasks.

From 10,000 kg capacity upwards, the 120 V technology and the development of the machine for power and efficiency offer high performance and long battery life.

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A70-200X electric forklift truck

The A series is the culmination of technological research by Carer's research and development department.

The result is an ecological and quiet forklift truck, a real alternative to traditional ICE forklift trucks, designed to reduce the impact of its operation on pollution and global warming.

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K series electric forklift truck - Container versions

Carer has arranged part of the range to work inside containers, making it the biggest range of electric forklift trucks to be dedicated to this type of handling work.

In addition, for handling heavy loads inside containers, Carer has designed the KZ100-120H series combining high performance with handling ability thanks to a system of cameras providing optimal rear visibility for difficult handling manoeuvres.

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