Clear objectives for reducing our carbon footprint and promoting diversity in our teams, an ethical charter of good conduct, a CSR assessment, not to mention daily maintenance and selective sorting... At Aprolis, social responsibility cannot be decreed, it is deployed through concrete actions.

Aprolis is the European leader and a global player in multi-material handling rental. Our activity is in essence and by conviction part of an approach to sustainability and social responsibility, making our CSR approach a skilful balance between innate and acquired.

First of all, because the rental of handling equipment is fundamentally part of a circular economy. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by maximising the operating life of our rental equipment and offering the widest possible range of electrical equipment. We also reuse components from end-of-life equipment and recycle our waste, but not without first limiting the amount of waste to a minimum.

Secondly, we are paying attention to societal and environmental issues by using measurement tools and defining precise action plans. We are committed to this as part of Monnoyeur, which was founded in 1906 and which, with its 115 years of expertise, has made CSR its priority by creating a CSR department in 2020, whose strategy is based on three pillars: products and services, operations and human capital.

Thus, in order to provide our customers with solutions that are both effective and sustainable, innovative and respectful of the environment and people, our CSR strategy is based on the major orientations defined by the group, while identifying relevant areas of action and concrete priorities for action throughout our value chain.

Aprolis adheres to the United Nations Global Compact through Monnoyeur and is thus committed to contributing to the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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