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Commitment to society and the environment

We are proud to work for causes in which we believe. Aprolis's strategy incorporates the Corporate Social Responsibility approach of Monnoyeur Group, which underscoring our essential values in terms of ethics, the environment and safety.


Concerned about achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the Paris Agreement and convinced that the subjects of ecological transition and social responsibility are more topical than ever, we have undertaken a CSR approach based on a regular assessment the sustainable management of our activity, both in terms of people and the environment.

The Corporate Social Responsibility strategy derives from an evaluation of the major risks and opportunities to which the Group and its activities are exposed.

Our CSR assessment is monitored by a steering committee which measures the severity and the probability of occurrence of these risks in order to highlight the most salient ones and made it possible to determine 12 issues for the group:

Safe and quality products and responsible driving

  • Issue 1 : Be committed to quality and innovation
  • Issue 2 : Ensure the health and safety of users and third parties
  • Issue 3 : Maintain a responsible product life-cycle
  • Issue 4 : Maintain constructive relations with suppliers and purchase responsibly
  • Issue 5 : Ensure ethical behaviour in our business methods

Service and maintenance operations

  • Issue 6 : Guarantee the protection of health and safety at work
  • Issue 7 : Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and face the climate challenge
  • Issue 8 : Reduce waste production, prevent pollution, preserve water resources
  • Issue 9 : Ensure local acceptability and maintain responsible growth

A quality work environment and openness to diversity

  • Issue 10 : Attract talent and retain key skills
  • Issue 11 : Ensure the quality of a constant social dialogue in order to ensure the well-being of employees
  • Issue 12 : Encourage diversity and fight discrimination


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