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Labor Hako, cleaning machines for demanding professionals

Well known for the quality and ruggedness of their industrial cleaning machines, Labor Hako are among the top manufacturers in the world of cleanliness.
The wide range offered by our partner, Labor Hako enables us to offer for long-term rental or sale, high-quality cleaning machines for every type of floor, respectful of ecological standards and ranging from professional scrubber-driers and sweepers to road sweepers.

Balayeuse Hako

Top efficiency for uncompromising results

In small or large companies, community facilities, hospital centres and private clinics, indoors and outdoors, the ability to choose the appropriate cleaning equipment offered by a specialist in rental solutions, with or without maintenance, ensures optimal efficiency and is a major economic consideration.

Satisfaction at the heart of our services

Our financing solutions and various types of sales support contracts are adjusted to every possible requirement of our customers. The ranges of accessories and spare parts come with the Aprolis cleaning solutions.

Sweepmaster industrial sweepers

Walk-behind or ride-on Sweepmaster sweepers are the ideal solution for cleaning floors. They offer excellent profitability and easy use, characteristic of our walk-behind and ride-on sweeper range. A multitude of intelligent details improves productivity and makes our equipment even more ergonomic.

Balayeuse Hako


Walk-behind sweepers - easy handling and compactness

The Sweepmaster range of walk-behind sweepers ensure efficient sweeping of dirt, dust or waste from the floors of businesses, workshops, gymnasia, warehouses, airports, car parks and outdoor spaces.

The walk-behind sweeper range can sweep up to more than 4000 m²/h. With their large capacity waste bins, the performance of their filter systems and outstanding handling, Labor Hako sweepers are capable of cleaning every type of surface efficiently.

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Walk-behind sweepers - easy handling and compactness

Ride-on sweepers - Power and versatility

The Sweepmaster range of powerful ride-on sweepers is designed for industrial cleaning, offering a high level of return on investment. These ride-on sweepers are compact and easy to handle, and can sweep in excess of 14,000 m²/h.

The solution is bound to meet your needs and the most extreme demands for cleaning warehouses, factories or outdoor terrace roof equipment.

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Ride-on sweepers - Power and versatility
Dust Hako

“Dust stop” Purus Innovation Award 2019 - Anti-dust skirt for sweepers

Developed by Hako, the “Dust Stop” system is an anti-dust skirt reducing up to 90% the amount of dust and fine particles given off during dry sweeping, compared to a traditional circular brush system. The Dust Stop system won the “Purus Innovation Award 2019” (in the Equipment category) at the famous CMS cleaning trade show in Berlin, for this innovation which prevent dust clouds from forming.

Other advantages of Dust Stop:

  • Sweep to the edge without any restriction.
  • No damage, no marks on the floor.
  • Less noise.
  • Easy assembly and replacement.
  • Does not require any dust removal system or technical installation.

Dust Stop is designed for the Hako Sweepmaster and Scrubmaster models with adaptable front vacuum sweeper.

Easy emptying at a height
On some models, the waste container can be emptied directly at a height into a conventional refuse skip.

Simplified maintenance
Thanks to optimum access to the technical components, downtime can be kept to the strict minimum, a benefit to efficiency and profitability.

High performance dust filters
These high performance dust filters produce up to 99.5% separation. They are cleaned by a single action. HEPA filters are available as an option.

A world of Scrubmaster walk-behind scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster scrubber-driers are ideal for cleaning and maintaining floors in supermarkets, multistorey carparks, care facilities, the food processing industry, large logistics centres, industrial premises or workshops. Walk-behind or ride-on, scrubber-driers clean up to 15,200 m²/h. They stand apart because of their ease of use, excellent visibility of the working perimeter and an ergonomic design.

Autolaveuse Hako


Walk-behind scrubber-driers - the versatile solution

Hako offers a wide selection of economical equipment dedicated to floor cleaning with water, from the compact and easily transported scrubber-drier to more specialised equipment, such as walk-behind scrubber-driers capable of cleaning more than 9000 m²/h.

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Walk-behind scrubber-driers - the versatile solution

Ride-on scrubber-driers - Designed for the most extreme demands

Scrubmaster ride-on scrubber-driers are designed for sweeping, washing and vacuuming the floor in a single pass.

They are extremely easy to handle and offer working widths ranging from 65 cm to 123 cm. These ride-on scrubber-driers are capable of driving down the narrow aisles of a warehouse with high shelving racks and efficiently cleaning large surface areas thanks to area coverage rates of more than 15,200 m²/h.

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Ride-on scrubber-driers - Designed for the most extreme demands

An optimal workstation
The design of Scrubmaster scrubber-driers and the easy access to their controls offers excellent ergonomics for optimum working efficiency.

Antibacterial equipment
The antibacterial option of the Hako-AntiBac® system offers added safety and produces perfect results, even in areas where hygiene is an issue.

Controlled by a single button
The main functions can be started by the fingertip, through the Hako single-button control.