A tractor range designed to serve and satisfy our customers

MOL tractors are used in a wide range of industries, such as container terminals, logistics and distribution centres, industrial sites, waste disposal sites and airports.

The reliability of our vehicles and their good fuel economy meet the most demanding criteria of our customers.

These tractors can be fully customised to match our customers' demands for total efficiency.

Designed to pull trailers in logistics centres

The MOL YM yard tractors (4x2) are used for towing in logistics and distribution centres. They are better suited to these tasks than road tractors.
Our most powerful tractors are a good solution for sites with slopes, ramps or in areas where surfaces are exposed to freezing.


Yard tractors

MOL tractor drivers do not need to hold a heavy goods vehicle driving licence. Their specific design for traction work also makes them much more fuel-efficient than road tractors.
Towing operations are easier because MOL tractors have a fifth wheel coupling so that trailers can be towed without having to raise or lower the struts.
The transmission and gearbox are finely optimised for these operations, guaranteeing high reliability and energy economy.

MOL YM tractors come with a wide range of accessories such as additional lighting, central lubrication systems, drawbar couplings and much more. The cab, designed and engineered for the operator, is comfortable and offers visibility that allows the driver to work safely with total peace of mind.

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Ecological traction

Mol has a 100% electric tow tractor in its range. This machine is very much an equal for ICE tractors and meets every demand of customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint.


Designed for operator comfort and efficient port logistics

MOL tractors were specially designed for intermodal freight transport between marshalling yards and platforms, for Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) operations in rail terminals, seaports and inland ports.


Container terminals

The MOL YM range of yard tractors has a variety of engines with various power outputs. The transmission is of the 4x2 type.
Particular attention has gone into the comfort of the cab and the safety of operators.
Easy access to all controls and the completely flat floor make the MOL tractor cab one of the most ergonomic available.
The electronically controlled engine and transmission embody its low-maintenance concept.

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RO-RO (roll-on/roll-off) operations

MOL RORO tractors in the TM&RM series are equipped with a 4×4 transmission.
Designed for intensive use, this range offers a wide selection of engines.


The spacious cab is fitted in standard form with a 180° swivel seat for driving in both directions.

The wide choice of options means that MOL tractors can be easily customised so that they meet all the expectations of our customers.


Multi-trailer tow tractors

This 4×4 transmission tractor was developed in close cooperation with the leading port authorities.
It is capable of towing up to 5 trailers with a maximum weight of 350 tonnes.

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The automatic coupling system allows mechanical and electro-pneumatic coupling with the trailer trains.

Designed for towing heavy loads in industry

MOL YM, TM & RM tractors are used in the industrial sector for the transport of heavy loads.
The robustness and reliability of MOL tractors combined with the savings made during load moving and towing manoeuvres make them a particularly popular choice among our customers.
Easy manoeuvring and the swivel seats in some of our models are particularly useful for work in busy yards or inside buildings.


Tractors for industry

MOL tractors are very well suited to intensive operations and are capable of operating in demanding industrial environments.
These tractors can be used with 3-axle trailers and reel carriers, tipping trailers, scrap metal skips and more.

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Recycling and waste treatment

The HM series MOL tractors are an efficient solution for handling waste containers.

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The rugged design of MOL tractors is a definite advantage in these operational environments.