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To ensure optimal availability of your AGVs, the choice of battery technology is a strategic issue.



The various battery technologies


techno batterie

Lead-acid battery
Best value for money.

Gel battery
Gel batteries are used for applications in which hydrogen emissions are prohibited in the areas where charging takes place: clean rooms, explosive areas, non-ventilated areas.

Pure lead battery
Used for battery opportunity charging. This technology accepts higher charge current, does not emit hydrogen and refilling with water is not necessary.

Li-ion battery
Long battery life, maintenance free, no memory effect, suitable for fast charging..


The various battery recharging technologies

batterie changement manuel

Manual battery change
The AGV makes its own way to the battery change position when it detects that the charge level is below the programmed limit, and waits for an operator to change the battery.

batterie changement automatique

Automatic battery change
When the AGV detects that its battery charge is below the programmed limit, it goes to the battery change room where there is an automatic battery changing device.

charge par opportunité

Opportunity charging (by dry contact or by induction)
The AGV connects automatically to an available charging point during periods of inactivity. The charging point requires very little space and requires no operators.