Crown electric pallet truck: handy, robust and efficient

Whether it's a compact, ergonomic pedestrian electric pallet truck or a manoeuvrable, high-performance ride-on pallet truck that's at home on the loading dock, Crown's range of electric pallet trucks meet every requirement with their robustness, productivity and durability.

Transpalette électrique Crown : maniable, robuste et efficace


Capacité: 1.600 à 2.000 kg

Levage: 213 mm


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Capacité: 2.000 kg

Levage: 750 mm


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Capacité: 2.000 à 2.500 kg

Levage: 210 mm


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Capacité: 2.000 kg

Levage: 211 mm


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Capacité: 2.000 kg

Levage: 211 mm


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Electric pedestrian pallet truck - Handy and durable

The electric pedestrian pallet truck range meets the requirements of many demanding applications. This is why they are successfully used in dock work, delivery services, retail shops or industry on all short routes.

Faster and safer handling

Proportional controls, vertical tiller operation and a high level of safety and productivity make the electric pallet truck more flexible. This allows operators to easily manoeuvre the electric pallet truck while reducing damage to goods.

The operator gains productivity in tight environments thanks to the compactness of our pallet trucks. Our electric pallet trucks are small, the steering is precise and the drive systems are powerful. The X10 tiller provides ambidextrous controls for a perfect grip whether you are right or left handed. The robustness and quality of the chassis and forks are such that they carry a 5 year warranty.

Electric pedestrian pallet truck - the widest range on the market

The range of ride-on pallet trucks is ideally suited for long journeys and intensive transfer operations.


The ride-on pallet trucks offer the best driving comfort on the market. The driver's cabs are equipped with shock-absorbing mats, a suspended floor and wrap-around support cushions, depending on the type of cab. In addition, the operators benefit from perfectly adapted and ergonomic controls.

High performance for safety

Operators can rely on the automatic speed reduction when cornering for added safety. The suspension of the drive unit ensures excellent traction on ramps. Combined with the spring-mounted stabilisers, vibrations to the chassis, electronics and operator are consequently greatly reduced.

Which CACES for an electric pallet truck?

No CACES is required for pedestrian pallet trucks. However, for electric pallet trucks or high lift pallet trucks (lift less than 1 metre), you will need the CACES R489 1A. To find out more, visit our blog.