Crown's Ride-On Pallet Trucks are manoeuvrable, fast and have excellent manoeuvrability. These qualities allow operators to carry out efficient, fast and safe transfers. Easy access, comfort and ideal operator position are also factors that enhance performance. Intuitive controls allow for smooth and responsive operation, further enhancing safety.

In addition, the Crown RT4000 electric Ride-On Pallet Truck is extremely compact. This makes it productive in confined spaces, but also when loading and unloading trucks and transporting loads over medium to long distances.

Key features of the Crown RT4000 Series Ride-On Pallet Truck

Operator safety has been a top priority in the development of the Ride-On pallet trucks. The chassis has only rounded corners to avoid injury to the operator or damage to the goods.
Manoeuvring is safer due to the high position of the operator, which improves visibility. Thanks to the compact and ergonomic cab, visibility is excellent all around the truck.

Crown RT4020 - Stand-On Electric Pallet Truck

Perfect for dock work, mass storage and medium-distance travel. Its compactness, its short length and its speed of 12.5 km/h are the assets of this equipment.

  • Capacity: 2.000 kg
  • Up to max.: 211 mm
  • Battery: 315 - 465 Ah
  • Width: 780 mm
  • Forks length: 1.000-2.400 mm

Crown RT4040 - Electric sit-down pallet truck

Ideal for long distance goods transfers thanks to its speed of 12.5 km/h, the electric pallet truck provides operators with the comfort and convenience to tackle long days.

  • Capacity: 2.000 kg
  • Up to max.: 211 mm
  • Battery: 420 - 620 Ah
  • Width: 950 mm
  • Forks length: 1.000-2.400 mm

The compact and powerful ride-on electric pallet truck!

Its 780 mm width makes it one of the narrowest electric pedestrian pallet trucks on the market. It can carry a battery with a capacity of up to 465 Ah.

The design of this pallet truck offers all the ergonomics necessary for the operator to carry out his tasks even over long periods.

The powerful and tireless electric sit-down pallet truck!

Comfortable, dynamic and fast, the Crown RT4040 sit-down Pallet Truck is ideal for long-distance freight transport and for loading and unloading trucks.

Carrying up to 620 A/h, capable of speeds of up to 12 km/h, forklift drivers will also have a specially designed interior and features.

Optional equipment