Discover our Cat® range

DP45N3 - Ideal capacity for construction materials

EP18ACNT - Best-in-class turning radius

EP25N - Oil-immersed brakes work in all weather conditions

EP20AN - Significantly more agile than its ICE counterpart


Explore our Crown range

ESR1000 - Clear visibility for safe storage

RT4040 - Long Distance Performance

SP3500 - Ergonomics, efficiency and confidence at height


Dual adjustable armrests as standard

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Thumb horn as standard

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On-board USB charger as standard

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Particulates filter as standard

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Discover our tow traction solutions

Logistics centre & yard tractors

Mercedes-Benz tool-carrier road-rail vehicles

Eco Friendly low cost road-rail vehicles

Electric tow tractors and carriers

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Repairs and maintenance for maximum availability of your equipment thanks to Aprolis' service expertise.

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