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The diversity of the Aprolis short-term rental offer

From 1 day to 24 months - The right forklift truck rental solution - Total flexibility
If you have to cope with increased activity or high seasonality, you can benefit from the diversity of the Aprolis short-term rental fleet. Wherever you are in France, Aprolis guarantees its customers the benefit of a wide range of rental equipment of impeccable quality.

Aprolis has a short-term rental fleet of almost 3,000 items of equipment in France, for a few days or up to 24 months. The short-term rental service includes not only fast delivery of the rented equipment, but also the technical and commercial support necessary for our customers to make the right choice for their applications. Rental periods are flexible, we extend or shorten the length of the contracts so that they perfectly match your needs right up to the last minute.

Contact us, together we will find the forklift truck or equipment best suited to your needs.

Rental of ICE or electric forklift trucks, pallet trucks, stackers or any other equipment, such as warehouse trucks, aerial work platforms, heavy-duty trucks up to 25 tonnes, tow tractors, aerial work platforms and lifting equipment, cleaning equipment and golf cars, our fleet can meet your specific needs.

Location courte durée

The right product, when you need it

Rental of electric forklift trucks

Versatile, able to move around both inside and outside, take advantage of the performance and comfort provided by these "Eco Friendly" machines.

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Rental of LPG and diesel forklift trucks

Robustness, reliability and productivity. Our LPG and diesel-powered forklifts can cope with all conditions, even the most severe.

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Rental of heavy-duty forklift trucks

Few players in this product segment provide such a high quality short-term rental offer. Up to 25 tonnes, our heavy-duty trucks will move mountains!

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Rental of warehouse equipment

Reliability and productivity of our warehouse trucks to handle with your logistics peaks.

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Rental of aerial work platforms

Ideal equipment to ensure safety on your sites during maintenance operations or during inventories.

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Golf car rental

For all intra-site personnel transport needs.


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Rental of suction cup truck

Equipped with its spreader bar, this truck can handle large flat panels of glass, stone or metal and enables completely safe installation of large glass areas.

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Rental of mini-crane

The ideal equipment for working in areas with little space for movement or that are difficult to reach, this equipment has what it takes to lift heavy loads.

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Location de nacelle araignée

La nacelle « Cross over » pour accéder aux endroit les plus confinés quel que soit l’état du sol pour travailler en toute sécurité jusqu’à 23 mètres de hauteur de travail.

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Location de chariot télescopique

Le chariot télescopique peut être muni de plusieurs outils comme une griffe multifonction, un godet de terrassement ou de fourches à palettes. Parfait pour tous les chantiers nécessitant de bonnes capacités de franchissement et levage.

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Location de chariot télescopique rotatif

Le chariot télescopique rotatif et sa tourelle à 360° permet de gagner en productivité. Grâce à sa tourelle le chariot télescopique rotatif peut atteindre rapidement les charges situées autour de lui.

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Location de Golfettes

Pour toutes les activités de transport de personnes intra-site.

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The advantages of short term rental

  • Availability - A fleet distributed among our regional centres is at the disposal of our 45 local branches.
  • Knowledge of economic sectors - A thorough understanding of the unique needs and fields of activity of our customers enables our teams to better advise you on the choice of the equipment you need.
  • Fast response - Our LCD teams have a dedicated organisation and logistics to respond quickly to all types of needs and are internally responsible for organising equipment deliveries and returns.
  • Equipment that is full-serviced and appropriate to your activity.
  • A wide choice of accessories to precisely adapt the equipment to our customers' needs.
  • Flexibility

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